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Printing a Running Head on First Page and Even Pages

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If the “first page:” field of the Format Running-head command is set to Yes and the “odd pages:” field is set to No, the running head will not print on the first page. Word considers the first page to be an odd page and it will not print the running head on this page even though the “first page:” field is set to Yes.

To get the running head to print on the first page as well as on the even pages, do the following:

  1. Set up two identical running heads.
  2. Format the first one by selecting Yes for “first page:” and No for both “even pages:” and “odd pages” fields.
  3. Format the second running head by selecting Yes for “even pages:” and No for “odd pages:” and “first page:”.

In Word version 5.00, set both the “first page:” field and “even pages:” field to Yes after selecting the running head.

In Word version 5.50, choose Header/Footer from the Format menu (ALT, F, H), and select First Page (P) and Even Pages (E).

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