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Word: Default Size of Windows on Different Monitors

PSS ID Number: Q36851 Article last modified on 03-07-1997

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Your monitor determines the size of the window in which new documents are initially displayed. If you are using the standard monitor, such as the monitor for a Macintosh SE computer, the document window fills the screen when you open a new document in Word version 4.00.

If you are using a large monitor, such as the standard Macintosh II monitor, Word bases the size of a new document window on the width of the available text area between the left and right margins. The window may not fill the screen if you are using a small page size or large margins.

Once you change the size or position of a window and save the document, that size and position will be recalled the next time you open the document.

You cannot change the default size of a new window. You can, however, set up a blank template document that is in the desired size and position. You then can double-click this file, instead of the application, to start the program. Do a Save As to create a new name for your first document.

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