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Three Ways to Format and Display System Date in COBOL 3.0

PSS ID Number: Q36810 Article last modified on 04-20-1993

3.00 | 3.00 MS-DOS | OS/2

The information in this article applies to:
- Microsoft COBOL for MS-DOS and OS/2, version 3.0

Summary: Formatting of the system date can be handled in three ways by COBOL Version 3.0: 1. Move CURRENT-DATE to an eight-character field. 2. Break down system date and move the pieces out to reordered fields that are deliminated by fields containing a literal (i.e. ‘/’). 3. Redefine the date field accepted from the system as Alphanumeric, reorder it as needed and move it to an alphanumeric edited field.

More Information: The Cobol Version 3.0 special registers are listed on Page 2-15 of the “Microsoft COBOL Compiler Version 3.0: Language Reference Manual.” The CURRENT-DATE special register is an eight-character field formatted as follows: MM/DD/YY To use the CURRENT-DATE, move CURRENT-DATE to an eight-character field. Because CURRENT-DATE is a special register, it is not defined by the program. The ACCEPT ws-program-defined-date FROM DATE receives the date as a six digit numeric field in yymmdd format. The stroke character (i.e., ‘/’) is an alphanumeric editing character, not a numeric editing character. In the output to the code example below it is shown that if you move the numeric date field to the numeric edited field 99/99/99, the stroke characters are written over. To use the stroke character you have to either break down the date into subfields with a subfield deliminating them filled with the stroke value, or redefine the numeric field as alphanumeric then move the redefined field to an alphanumeric edited field with a PIC XX/XX/XX. The following is a code example: Here is the contents of the OUTPUT.DAT text file created by the program further below: from system pic 99/99/99 current-date broken down character edited 881005 100588 10/05/88 10/05/88 88/10/05 The COBOL Version 3.0 program is as follows:

  $set vsc2
  $set osvs
   Identification division.
   Environment division.
   console is CRT.
   Input-output section.
   SELECT output-file assign to EXTERNAL DISK
   organization is LINE SEQUENTIAL
   ACCESS MODE IS sequential.
   Data Division.
   File section.
   FD  output-file
   value of file-id is "output.dat"
   data record is output-rec.
   01  output-rec              pic x(72).
   working-storage section.
   01  dl-output-rec.
     05  filler       pic x(3) value spaces.
     05  dl-date-from-system      pic 9(6).
     05  filler       pic x(8) value spaces.
     05  dl-mm-dd-yy-ed          pic 99/99/99.
     05  filler       pic x(4)  value spaces.
     05  dl-current-date         pic x(8).
     05  filler       pic x(4) value spaces.
     05  dl-date-broken-down.
       10 dl-mm-broken-down      pic 99.
       10 filler      pic x value '/'.
       10 dl-dd-broken-down      pic 99.
       10 filler      pic x value '/'.
       10 dl-yy-broken-down      pic 99.
     05 filler        pic x(4) value spaces.
     05 dl-char-date          pic xx/xx/xx.
   01  hd-heading-line.
     05  filler       pic x(12)   value 'from system'.
     05  filler       pic x(15) value 'pic 99/99/99'.
     05  filler       pic x(13) value 'current-date'.
     05  filler       pic x(12) value "broken down".
     05  filler       pic x(15) value 'charater edited'.
   01  ws-yy-mm-dd-sys.
     05 ws-yy-sys     pic 9(2).
     05 ws-mm-sys     pic 9(2).
     05 ws-dd-sys     pic 9(2).
   01  ws-char-date  redefines ws-yy-mm-dd-sys
                  pic x(8).
   01  ws-mm-dd-sys.
     05  ws-mm        pic 99.
     05  ws-dd        pic 99.
     05  ws-yy        pic 99.
     01  ws-mm-dd-yy-ed    pic 99/99/99.
   78  clear-screen value x"e4".
   Screen section.
   01  screen-date line 10 column 30 using ws-mm-dd-sys
                      pic 99/99/99.
   procedure division.
    open output output-file.
    accept ws-yy-mm-dd-sys from DATE.
    move ws-yy-mm-dd-sys to dl-date-from-system.
    move current-date to dl-current-date.
    move ws-dd-sys to dl-dd-broken-down
    move ws-mm-sys to dl-mm-broken-down
    move ws-yy-sys to dl-yy-broken-down
    move ws-mm-dd-sys to dl-mm-dd-yy-ed.
    move ws-char-date to dl-char-date.
    write output-rec from hd-heading-line.
    write output-rec from dl-output-rec.
    close output-file.
   stop run.

Additional reference words: 3.00 Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1993.