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Microsoft Support Advantage Program for Software Developers PSS ID Number: Q36803 Article last modified on 09-16-1992 PSS database name: PSS


Microsoft Support Advantage is an interactive electronic support system designed for software developers. Microsoft Support Advantage gives accurate, responsive technical support for Microsoft products from qualified support engineers. Questions are submitted by electronic Service Requests, and are rapidly acknowledged. Support Advantage includes access to the Microsoft Knowledge Base and other services.

This service has a basic annual fee, plus additional charges for connect time beyond a certain minimum amount. Support Advantage has local “nodes”, thus helping to minimize long distance telephone charges. You may call (800) 443-4672 for more information about Microsoft Support Advantage.

Microsoft Support Advantage requires MS-DOS Version 3.00 or later, a personal computer with at least 640K RAM, and an asynchronous modem (300, 1200, or 2400 baud).

More Information:

As a subscriber of Microsoft Support Advantage, you can also communicate personally with other Microsoft Support Advantage subscribers using electronic mail. From the Software Library, you can download printer drivers and code examples.

For a detailed press release concerning Microsoft Support Advantage, you can query for the following:

pr and online and knowledgebase

GEnie is another electronic support service available to support Microsoft products. GEnie is an acronym for GE (General Electric Company) Network for Information Exchange. For more information concerning GEnie, you may call (800) 638-9636, or query in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for the following words:

genie and knowledge and base

Microsoft DIAL, an earlier product-specific support service for ISV/OEM customers (independent software vendor/original equipment manufacturer), is no longer marketed by Microsoft.

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