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Word 4.00 Revised WORD_DCA.EXE Converter Error Messages

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The following is a list of additional error messages that the Microsoft Word version 4.00 revised WORD_DCA utility may return, supplementing the error messages generated by the original version of the converter. The revised version of the utility resolves problems with the original version of the converter, including continually appearing error messages and incomplete conversion of files.

The revised WORD_DCA utility is available as an application note titled “DCA File Conversion Utility.” This application note can be obtained by calling Microsoft Product Support Services at (206) 454-2030.

More Information:

  1. “Can’t Open Main Document Text File”

    This error message means that WORD_DCA cannot find the file you specified as your input file. This message will appear if the input file does not exist, if the path to the file is incorrect, or if the filename is spelled incorrectly.

  2. “The Input File is not a Valid DCA/RFT File”

    This error message means the file you specified as the input file was not saved in DCA-RFT format.

  3. “Wrong File Version ID”

    This error message will appear if you are translating from Word to RFT and the input file is not a Word-formatted file. To correct this error, load the file into Word and save it with the formatted field in the Transfer Save menu set to Yes.

  4. “Cannot write out a character”

    This error message means there was not enough room (disk space) to store the converted document. Before running WORD_DCA again, be sure to free up some disk space either by using a new formatted floppy disk or by deleting unnecessary files on your hard disk.

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