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“File Not Found” Message When Spell Processes Errors

PSS ID Number: Q36648 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

2.00n 3.xn 4.00n



After running a spell check on a document, the Microsoft Word version 4.0 error message:

File not found

appeared. This error prevented the processing of the spelling changes made.


Check the DOS TMP environment variable and verify that the directory that maintains Spell’s temporary files exists and is not corrupt.

It was reported that using the DOS TMP environment variable with the syntax “SET TMP=%directory%” (without the quotation marks) produces the message “File not found” when you attempt to process spelling corrections within Word Version 4.00n on a Novell network Version 2.12.

It was also reported that to eliminate this problem, you should remove the directory specified in the SET command and then recreate it.

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