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Hex Data Information for Picture File in Rich Text Format

PSS ID Number: Q36598 Article last modified on 09-26-1995

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An RTF file can include picture files composed by other applications. The control word begins this group. Parameters that define and describe the picture follow the control word. These parameters are as follows:

Parameter Control ——— ——-

Frame height in pixels.  Frame width in pixels. Scales the picture up or down to fit within the frame. The format for this picture is a Windows metafile. The format for this picture is Macintosh QuickDraw.  Instead of the expected hex information, binary information is included. The numeric parameter is the number of bytes to follow.

More Information:

The two main types of pictures are as follows:

bitmaps metafiles

Bitmaps are pixel representations of pictures, with one bit representing one pixel (or if you are using color, multiple bits representing one pixel).

Metafiles represent pictures as drawing commands and deal with objects, rather than pixels. A bitmap may be a part of the description of the object.

The or are both metafile formats. In these files, the hex data does not represent pixels; there could be header information in the hex data. For example, a metafile could start by defining its coordinate system and origin (or anything along these lines). For the exact representation of metafiles, you should refer to the Windows developers guide for GDI, or to the Macintosh developers guide for QuickDraw.

The is bitmap format (Windows can also be a bitmap format). In this case, each hex number will represent four pixels (unless color is described). There is no header information in the hex data.

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