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Word: OS/2 Operation

PSS ID Number: Q36524 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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Word will automatically detect whether it is loaded on MS-DOS, OS/2, DOS Network, or LAN Manager environments, and configure itself accordingly. There will be a single WORD.EXE for both MS-DOS and OS/2, and overlays for WORD.OVL and SPELL.OVL. On OS/2 (and hard disk DOS systems as well), the EXE and overlays will be combined into one large EXE file by Setup. This will be transparent to you.

Word will run as an MS-DOS application if started from the compatibility box; otherwise, it will run as a protected-mode OS/2 application. This will cause no functionality change within Word.

Setup will exist in two versions, MS-DOS and OS/2, that are named differently. You will type Setup in both cases. The OS/2 version will not have the floppy installation options.

Word_RTF will also exist in two versions (MS-DOS and OS/2) named RTF_DOS.EXE and RTF_OS2.EXE. Word will execute the version corresponding to the operating system it is running on. Similarly, Word 5.50’s utility to convert DCA to/from RTF, DCA_RTF, also exists in two versions: DCA_RTF.EXE and DCA_RTFP.EXE. However, as DCA_RTF is not “built in” to Word as Word_RTF is, the correct version must be specified by the user. The “p” in DCA_RTFP.EXE stands for protected mode and specifies the OS/2 version of the utility.

All other utilities will exist in MS-DOS form only, and will have to be run in the compatibility box if used with OS/2.

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