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Microsoft KB Archive/36523

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Configuring Word 5.00 on a Network

PSS ID Number: Q36523 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

5.00 5.50 6.00



Word versions 5.00 and 5.50 uses the following environment variable to run as a network version:


This variable is set by Setup on the workstation. It serves two purposes:

  1. If set, Word runs as a network version, without trying to autodetect the network. This is the only way to run on DOS versions 2.x and 3.00 networks.
  2. It tells Word to look in the specified path for MW.INI, SCREEN.VID, and UPDAT-AM.CMP. In addition, Word looks for NORMAL.STY and NORMAL.GLY in that workstation Word directory, after the current user directory, and before the program directory.

If this variable is not set, Word still tries to detect whether it is running off a server using an operating system call. If the test succeeds, Word automatically configures itself as a network version. It looks for MW.INI, SCREEN.VID, and UPDAT-AM.CMP in the user’s directory, instead of the program directory. However, this autodetection always fails on DOS versions 2.x and 3.00 network servers (Novell, 3Com Etherseries), since this test uses a call available only on DOS versions 3.10 or later.

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