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Microsoft KB Archive/36447

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Using Tabs in Word 5.00

PSS ID Number: Q36447 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The following keyboard interface is added in Word Version 5.00 to make tab manipulation simpler and faster:

  1. While in Format Tab Set, and while the cursor on the ruler is active (after pressing F1) do the following:

    1. Pressing L, R, C, D, or V will set a tab at the current cursor position with the corresponding alignment, and at the same time, will set the alignment choice in the menu to Left, Right, Centered, Decimal, or Vertical respectively. This is equivalent to setting the alignment field in the menu then pressing the INSERT key.

    2. Pressing the B, SPACEBAR, PERIOD (.), HYPHEN (-), or UNDERSCORE (_) keys will change the leader character field in the menu to a blank, period, hyphen, or underscore respectively. That leader character choice will stay on until toggled again.

    3. CTRL+DEL will delete all tabs on or after the current position. If there is more than one paragraph selected, this will delete the tabs common to all paragraphs. Only the common tabs will be shown in this case.

    4. CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT will move tabs to the left or right. If pressed when the cursor is not on a valid tab position, it will beep.

    5. Entering a measurement will get you out of the ruler and back in the menu. Therefore, when entering 3.25, the period will be taken as a decimal separator, and will not set the leader character.

  2. While the cursor is in the menu, it will be possible to enter a measurement then press L, R, C, D, or V. This will set a tab at that position, and blank the measurement field, as INSERT and DEL do. It will also set the alignment choice in the menu accordingly.

  3. Instant feedback will occur in the following cases when setting tabs:

    1. The cursor is active on the ruler, and you press one of the speed keys, INSERT, or DEL (this does not include leader character speed keys)

    2. You set, move, or delete a tab using the mouse

    3. You move a tab with CTRL+LEFT or CTRL+RIGHT (In this case the feedback will be done for each keystroke, rather than just showing the final results, as with the mouse.)

    4. The cursor on the ruler is not active, but you press INSERT or DEL in the menu after typing a number

  4. Decimal tabs will be aligned on the number, instead of the parenthesis in case of negative numbers, or the percent sign.

  5. If more than one paragraph is selected, setting a tab for all will not destroy the individual settings for each paragraph.

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