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How to Use HFSDispatch to Create a Macintosh Folder

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

This article was previously published under Q36392


This article contains a sample program that demonstrates how to use HFSDispatch to create a folder with Microsoft QuickBASIC version 1.00 for the Apple Macintosh.


The program below will create a new folder. If no volume or path is specified, the folder is placed in the current folder on the current volume. If a path is specified, it must be a full pathname, including volume name and parent folder names. The last folder name in the path specification is the one that will be created; all others in the path must already exist.

If there is an error creating the folder, the error code will be returned in the variable ErrCode%. The error codes are as follows:

0       No error, folder was created

1       Volume specified is not currently mounted

Other   Error in creating the folder. This is the error code returned
        by the PBDirCreate ROM routine. See "Inside Macintosh," Volume
        4 for more information about these error codes.

This program creates the folder by properly establishing a parameter block (stored here in IOPB%()), and making a call to HFSDispatch, call number 6. For more information regarding the I/O Parameter Block (IOPB), see "Inside Macintosh", Volume 4.

The following is a code example:

'    DirCreate
'    Copyright 1988 Microsoft Corp.
'    This program is for personal use only.  It may not be
'    redistributed in any form, electronic or mechanical, for any
'    purpose, without the written permission of Microsoft Corp.
'    Subprogram which will create the specified folder name on
'    either the current volume (in the current folder) or on the
'    specified volume (in the specified folder).

INPUT "Please enter the folder to create:",fld$
DirCreate fld$, ECode%

SUB DirCreate (FolderName$, ErrCode%) STATIC
    DIM IOPB%(120)
    IF INSTR(FolderName$,":") = 0 THEN
        '    Set up for current volume/folder
        Ptr& = &H352        'pointer to default VCB
        Vol& = PEEKL(Ptr&)    'Default VCB
        vRefNum% = PEEKW(Vol& + 78)    'Volume reference number
        path$ = ""
        GetDirName vRefNum%, path$
        NewFolder$ = path$ + ":"+FolderName$
    ELSE    'Entire volume:path specified
        Vol$ = LEFT$(FolderName$, INSTR(FolderName$,":")-1)
        Ptr& = &H358    'first VCB
        Vol& = PEEKL(Ptr&)
        Found% = 0
        WHILE Vol& <> 0 AND Found% = 0
            Vol& = PEEKL(Ptr&)
            Ptr& = Vol&
            IF Vol& <> 0 THEN
                DirID& = 0 : n$ = ""
                vRefNum% = PEEKW(Vol& + 78)
                GetCatInfo IOPB%(0),n$,DirID&, vRefNum%
                IF UCASE$(n$) = UCASE$(Vol$) THEN Found% = 1
            END IF
        IF Found% = 0 THEN
            PRINT "Volume not mounted!"
            ErrCode% = 1
            EXIT SUB
        END IF
        NewFolder$ = FolderName$
    END IF
    pasFolder$ = ""
    B2PStr NewFolder$, pasFolder$
    POKEW VARPTR(IOPB%(0))+22, vRefNum%
    POKEL VARPTR(IOPB%(0))+18, SADD(pasFolder$)
    HFSDispatch 6,IOPB%(0)
    ErrCode% = PEEKW(VARPTR(IOPB%(0))+16)

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