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Microsoft KB Archive/36348

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QuickBASIC Program to Browse and Expand All Get Info… Help PSS ID Number: Q36348 Article last modified on 04-25-1991 PSS database name: B_MQuickB




A program is available in the Software Library that lets you browse or modify the help information available in the Macintosh QuickBASIC version 1.00 environment. Unlike the Set Info… feature in the Search menu in QuickBASIC, this program lets you embed carriage returns in the help information box for a keyword, as well as Cut and Paste text. The program also lets you list and add help information for all keywords at once. This program works either interpreted or compiled.

The program can be found in the file MCQBHELP in the Software/Data Library by searching on the keyword MCQBHELP, the Q number of this article, or S12053. MCQBHELP was archived using the PKware file-compression utility.

More Information:

The sample program, called “Help Edit”, is a good demonstration of the following:

  1. Resource management
  2. Text editing
  3. Writing for both interpreted and compiled environments
  4. Handling refresh events

Note: To use the help feature of Macintosh QuickBASIC, position the insertion pointer on any keyword in the List window and press COMMAND+I (or select the Get Info… option on the Search menu). COMMAND+I (or Get Info…) gives you the proper syntax for any selected QuickBASIC statement or MBLC Toolbox call.

The Set Info… option on QuickBASIC’s Search menu allows you to add additional help information for a Macintosh QuickBASIC statement. However, Set Info… does not allow you to embed carriage returns, it only wraps to the next line after you have typed a complete line.

The “Help Edit” program lets you easily expand QuickBASIC’s help information for any BASIC statement, Toolbox call, or user-defined keyword. The “Help Edit” program lets you embed carriage returns in the help text and use Cut and Paste. In “Help Edit”, you open Microsoft QuickBASIC (b) or (d) (binary or decimal) and browse or modify the help information stored in the MBKI and MBTI resources in QuickBASIC.

The “Help Edit” program also lets you open a source file, if you have previously used Set Info… from the Search menu in QuickBASIC to define help information for a user-defined keyword in a particular source file. In other words, the program lets you browse or modify the help information stored in MBUI resources (if any) stored in a source file.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1991.