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INF: How to Insert Control Characters in the QuickC Editor PSS ID Number: Q36330 Article last modified on 02-13-1992 PSS database name: S_QuickC

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To insert a control character in a file being edited in the Microsoft QuickC Editor, enter CTRL+P followed by CTRL plus the character. This is documented in the “Microsoft QuickC Compiler Programmer’s Guide,” page 147.

More Information:

The QuickC compiler, the C optimizing compiler, and potentially the linker produce errors and complaints if they find control characters that are not found within comment strings. An exception to this is CTRL+Z. QuickC produces an “Unexpected End of File” error even if the CTRL+Z is in a comment string.

The following control characters cannot be entered in QuickC’s editor:

CTRL dec hex code Effect When Insert Is Attempted —- — — —- ——————————-

^@ 0 00 NUL (null) Nothing, ^p still active ^i 9 09 HT (tab) Mark shows, then disappears ^j 10 0A LF (line feed) Beeps, ^p still active ^l 12 0C FF (form feed) Search command, ^p still active ^m 13 0D CR (carriage return) Beeps, ^p still active ^u 21 15 NAK Nothing [1] 29 1D GS Beeps, ^p still active

Additional reference words: 1.00 2.00 2.50

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  1. 27 1B ESC Beeps, ^p still active ^  28 1C FS Search command, ^p still active ^