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Works Err Msg: Waited Too Long for Response

PSS ID Number: Q36220 Article last modified on 06-12-1996

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The error message “Waited too long for response” can be received for a variety of reasons. Possible causes and workarounds are listed below:

  1. Works is waiting for the modem to respond to a command and has not received any response because the modem is not turned on or is improperly configured. You can easily test whether the modem is responding properly by completing the following steps:

    1. Clear any existing phone number or modem setup strings from the Options, Phone dialog box.

    2. Choose to Connect.

    3. Hold down the SHIFT key and type “AT” (without the quotation marks).

    If the modem is Hayes compatible and is configured correctly, it will echo the response “OK” back to the Works screen. If your modem does not respond, make sure it is connected, and that its configuration switches are set so that it can send result codes to Works.

  2. Works has waited too long for the host computer to respond. This problem could be caused by the remote host being temporarily out of service or a long delay in the host’s response during some portion of its login procedure.

    A possible workaround for this problem is to continually press the BACKSPACE key during the delay period. The BACKSPACE key serves no specific purpose in Works communication; however, in this case, it serves as a necessary “pause” to prevent Works from timing out because of the long wait time. This BACKSPACE functionality can also be integrated into a recorded login script.

  3. An incorrect port is selected with the Options Communications command. For example, the modem is connected to COM2: and Options Communications has COM1: selected.

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