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Leading Edge Model D Appears to Be in CAPS LOCK State

PSS ID Number: Q36074 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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When using Word on the Leading Edge Model D computer, it sometimes appears as if the CAPS LOCK key has been pressed, but the “CL” or “CAPS” indicators do not appear on the status line. Also, the numbers and other special keys work as if the SHIFT key is being pressed when the SHIFT key is not being held down.

To temporarily resolve the problem, press and release the left SHIFT key, then press and release the right SHIFT key.

When a key is pressed, the keyboard sends a scan code to the computer. When the key is released, the keyboard sends a different scan code. In the Leading Edge’s case, the computer reads the scan code that indicates the SHIFT key is being pressed, but it does not read the scan code that indicates the SHIFT key is being released. This problem could occur if you are typing rapidly.

Pressing and releasing the SHIFT keys sends the scan codes again, and the computer should recognize the correct state of the SHIFT keys.

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