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Copying a Range of Cells to Another Location in Multiplan PSS ID Number: Q36050 Article last modified on 01-10-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan




There is a documentation error on Pages A24 and A25 of the “Microsoft Multiplan Addendum.” The steps described on these pages explain how to copy one row of information to another row. The correct way to copy a range is as follows:

  1. Go into the Copy From command, then use your ARROW keys to move the cursor to the beginning of the range you wish to copy.
  2. Type a colon (:) and use the RIGHT ARROW key to move the cursor to the end of the range. You may need to use other ARROW keys to reduce the size of the highlighted area until the range you wish alone is highlighted.
  3. Press the TAB key to move to the “to cells” field.
  4. Use your ARROW keys to move the cursor to the upper left cell of the area into which you wish to copy. Press ENTER.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1989.