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INF: RC.EXE (Resource Compiler) Switch Definitions ID Number: Q35950

2.03 2.10 3.00 WINDOWS


The switches that apply to both the Windows versions 2.x and 3.0 Resource Compiler are as follows (all switches are case-insensitive). More switches that specifically apply to the Windows version 3.0 Resource Compiler are listed below:


     Prints a help message and quits.


     Internal, not for application use.


     Makes only the binary .RES file as documented in the
     "Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit Programmer's


     Sets the swap area size similar to the way it is set by the
     SetSwapAreaSize function. It must be followed by an
     additional argument of the following form to set the size in
     kilobytes or paragraphs. For example:

        ddddK or ddddP

     This switch is not supported in the Windows version 3.0
     Resource Compiler.

     Verbose mode. Displays messages to show progress. This switch
     is not supported in the Windows version 2.x Resource Compiler;
     it is ignored.



     Tells Windows that the application uses expanded memory
     directly, using the LIM (Lotus/Intel/Microsoft) version 3.2



     Assigns a distinct EMS (Expanded Memory Specification) bank
     to each instance of the application. The default is for all
     instances to share the same EMS bank.


     Enables DLLs (dynamic-link libraries) loaded through the
     LoadLibrary function (generally GDI device drivers) to use
     memory above the bank line. By default, all such libraries'
     GlobalAlloc calls will go below the bank line, regardless
     of the flags that are used. The -e switch reenables the
     GMEM_NOT_BANKED flag.

The following switches were added to the Windows version 3.0 Resource Compiler:

     Renames the .RES file to the specified name.

     Renames the .EXE file to the specified name.

     Searches the specified directory before searching the
     directories specified by the INCLUDE environment variable.

     Prevents the compiler from using the INCLUDE environment

     Marks the DLL as private, preventing multiple instances
     from linking to it.

     Disables the load optimization feature of the Resource
     Compiler. Segments will appear in the order specified in the
     .DEF file.

     Marks the application as running in protected mode only.

Additional reference words: 2.x 2.03 2.10 3.00