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Changing Default Line Spacing

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The “line spacing:” field under the Format Paragraph command is used to change the amount of space between lines in a paragraph. Word’s default line spacing value is “1 li” (one line). There are six lines per inch, meaning one line equals 1/6 inch.

To change line spacing, enter a value in lines, points, inches, or centimeters; no other unit of measurement will be accepted. If only a number is entered, Word assumes it is a line measurement.

The following examples, which decrease line spacing, can be entered in the “line spacing:” field:

.125 in = 1/8 inch (eight lines per inch) .75 li = 1/8 inch (eight lines per inch) 9 pt = 1/8 inch (eight lines per inch)

Printers may require a minimum spacing between lines; if so, a smaller value will not work correctly.

In Word version 5.50, select the line spacing in Format Paragraph (ALT, F, P), Spacing Line (I).

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