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Unable to Read Current Cursor Position

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Memory programs that attempt to obtain the position of Word’s cursor by reading the current position of the hardware cursor do not receive the correct value. This situation occurs because Word Version 4.00 disables the hardware cursor and implements its own software-generated cursor. The current location of the software-generated cursor is internally stored in Word and cannot be accessed by other programs.


BIOS INT 10H Function 03H is the “industry standard” method of obtaining the current cursor position and the method recommended by IBM. Programs that attempt to obtain the current cursor location by other means, such as reading information directly from the video card or from the Video Display Data Area located in RAM, will be unable to obtain Word’s cursor location.

An indication that a program is using one of these unsupported methods is that the program will report Word’s cursor location at 0,0 (Row 0, Column 0) no matter where the cursor is positioned on the screen.

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