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PRB: Some Windows GDI Functions Fail on Banding Printers


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The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit (SDK) 3.1


When an application prints using the NEWFRAME escape on a banding device and then tries to use a GDI function that is not supported in metafiles, the function does not produce any output or produces incorrect output.


Some GDI functions that work on the display fail on banding printers. When an application prints using the NEWFRAME escape on a banding device, GDI diverts each page to an intermediate metafile. This metafile is then played back to each band on the device.


The workaround is to use NEXTBAND instead of NEWFRAME on banding devices; in this case, a metafile will not be used.

Note that some functions, such as the GetTextMetrics() function and similar types of functions that do not attempt to produce output, do work correctly with banding printer drivers because the call is directed to the printer driver, not the intermediate metafile.


This behavior is by design.

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Last Reviewed: July 2, 1999
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