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File Enumeration in Directories

PSS ID Number: Q35852 Article last modified on 11-02-1994

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The following feature was added to Word in version 5.00.

In all cases where files can be enumerated, Word lists directories and drives as well. The directory names and drive letters are enclosed between brackets, including the parent directory, as in [B:] or [..]. They are listed alphabetically, after the files, starting with [..]. Highlighting a directory/drive and pressing F1 or TAB, or right clicking a directory/drive, enumerates the subdirectories and files in that directory, with the same extension or wildcard specification.

Transfer Options and Document-retrieval Query path are special cases. Drives and directories including the current directory [.] are listed first; documents (*.DOC) also are listed. Pressing F1 expands the selected directory; ENTER executes the command with that directory. F1 or ENTER pressed on [.] or a document returns to the menu and executes the command respectively, with the current directory as a proposed answer.

Word version 5.50 enumerates documents (*.DOC) in the current directory within the “Files:” list box. Drives and directories are listed in the list box labeled “Directories:”. Double-clicking with the mouse over a subdirectory name will change subdirectories. To change directories without a mouse, press the TAB key until the cursor is within the directories list box, use an arrow key to select a directory name, and press ENTER to change directories.

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