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Cross-Referencing Feature

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A cross-referencing feature was added to Word 5.00. Cross referencing allows you to reference page, footnote, and paragraph numbers, or any type of user-defined sequence numbers. “See page X” or “See figure X” (where X is a variable computed at print time) are cross-referencing examples.

To define a sequence and insert a sequence holder, type the following:


This command inserts the item “Sequencename” into the document. The colon is necessary; it indicates that this is not a glossary item. Sequencename can be any valid glossary name. If Sequencename does not exist, it will be created. At print time, this item is replaced with the actual value of the sequence. Up to 10 sequences can be created this way.

Sequencename:: (with two colons) increments the sequence, but does not print its value. Sequencename::n resets the sequence to n, but its value is not printed.

The next sequence: item will be numbered n+1 in this example. It is possible to reset the sequence to 0, but not to a negative number.

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