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Microsoft KB Archive/35843

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Macro String Manipulation Functions

PSS ID Number: Q35843 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The function <<set result=len(string)>> sets the result variable to the number of characters found in string. String can be a variable or a constant limited to 255 characters.

The function <<set result=mid(string,start,count)>> extracts count characters from string, starting at the start position. String, start, and count can be variables or constants. String is limited to 255 characters. If count is greater than len(string), the function returns "" the null string.

The function <<set result=string1 string2 string3>> concatenates the three strings. Concatenation is implied if there is no operator. String can be a variable or a constant. Numbers can be concatenated with strings or other numbers. The result is limited to 255 characters.

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