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Document-Retrieval Enhancements

PSS ID Number: Q35842 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




COPY and DELETE commands will be added to the Document-retrieval menu, and will perform on multiple files the same functions as the DOS copy and delete commands. They will work on and from floppy drives as well as directories. They will act on marked files on the current list.

It will be possible to COPY or DELETE the associated style sheets as an option. COPY and DELETE will not affect the .BAK files.

The menu structure in the Document-retrieval menu will be as follows:

COPY marked files to drive/directory: delete file after copy: Yes (No) copy style sheet: Yes (No)

DELETE: Enter Y to confirm deletion of marked files

If DELETE after COPY is set to Yes, only the documents will be deleted, not their associated style sheets, even if the COPY style sheet is set to yes. COPY will preserve the DOS date.

Marking or unmarking a file will be done by highlighting the filename and pressing SPACEBAR or ENTER. Pressing CTRL+SPACEBAR will mark all files at once. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+SPACEBAR will unmark all files at once. Marked files will be displayed with a "*" to the left of the filename.

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