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Bookmark Feature


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  • Microsoft Word for MS-DOS, versions 5.0, 5.5, 6.0


The bookmark (bookmarK) feature in the Format menu was added to Word version 5.00. A bookmark is a name assigned to a text range in a document. It provides a way to navigate quickly in the document and is used for cross-referencing. The bookmark name can be any valid glossary name.

In Word version 5.50, bookmarks may be associated with a text range by choosing Insert Bookmark.

A bookmark will be defined by its beginning and ending anchors, which are the first and last characters of the bookmark text. If text is inserted between the anchors, it will become part of the bookmark text. If an anchor is deleted, or part of a bookmark containing the anchor is deleted, the new first and last characters of the bookmark text become the new anchors. Deleting bookmark text will delete the bookmark.

Copying bookmark text to the same document or to the scrap will copy only the text to the new location, not the bookmark, because it cannot be duplicated. You can copy bookmark text to another document and preserve the bookmark only if the other document does not have a bookmark with the same name; otherwise, only the text will be copied.

You can detach a bookmark and delete the bookmark name without deleting text in Word version 5.00 by selecting the bookmark text, then choosing Format bookmarK with a blank name. Word 5.00 will prompt you to confirm when detaching the bookmark.

To delete a bookmark in Word 5.50, from the Insert menu, select Bookmark, highlight the bookmark name in the Names list box, then choose delete. Word 5.50 does not prompt you to confirm when detaching the bookmark.

The bookmark text associated with a single bookmark is limited to 64K in Word 5.00. In Word 5.50, there is no limit to a bookmark's size.

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