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HIMEM.SYS Support for MS-DOS PSS ID Number: Q35687 Article last modified on 01-05-1989




Currently, MS-DOS Version 4.00 comes with HIMEM.SYS Version 2.04. This XMS device driver allows programs to access extended memory and the high-memory area in an efficient, standard, and machine-independent method. Since the XMS specification is new, there are not that many programs that take advantage of the XMS API. The first program to do so was Microsoft Windows. Although HIMEM.SYS is shipped with MS-DOS, MS-DOS is not currently using the XMS API. The utility programs that come with MS-DOS (such as RAMDrive and SMARTDrive) can coexist with HIMEM.SYS, but they are not taking advantage of the benefits of the XMS API.


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