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DO LOOP and EXIT WHILE Not Supported in Macintosh QuickBASIC

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Article Last Modified on 11/21/2006

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This article describes two corrections to the "Microsoft QuickBASIC for Apple Macintosh: BASIC Language Reference" manual, Pages 154-155.

  1. The example for the IF ... THEN ... ELSE statement on Page 154 incorrectly contains a DO ... LOOP, which is not supported in QuickBASIC for the Macintosh (or in previous versions of BASIC for the Macintosh). EXIT DO also is not supported. The example program gives a "Syntax Error" for the unsupported statements.

    You can substitute a WHILE ... WEND statement for the DO ... LOOP statement, as follows:

       WHILE X<=0 OR X >= 10000
       INPUT "Enter a number greater than 0 and less than 10,000:",X
       IF X<=0 OR X >= 10000 THEN PRINT "Out of range."
  2. The example on Page 155 mistakenly uses an EXIT WHILE statement, which is not supported. This program gives a "Syntax Error" on the EXIT WHILE statement.

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