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Microsoft KB Archive/35553

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Speller Integration

PSS ID Number: Q35553 Article last modified on 11-02-1994




The Spell program can be invoked by Library Spell or ALT+F6. When this occurs, the current document window will be reduced and a spell window will open in the bottom half of the screen. The spell window itself will be subdivided into 2 subwindows for alternatives and for the spell diagnostics. The Spell menu will replace the Normal Edit menu on the command line.

Spell will immediately begin checking the document. When a misspelling is found, the document will scroll automatically to display the misspelling and its context, and the misspelled word will be highlighted. Alternatives to the misspelling will be presented automatically if the alternatives option is left as Auto. It will be possible to select alternatives with the direction keys, or scroll through them, with the PGUP or PGDN keys, or the mouse.


Spell will check the selection only if it is more than one character. Otherwise, if the cursor is in the middle of a word, checking will begin from that word down in the document. If the cursor is on the space between words, or on the end mark, checking will begin at the word immediately preceding the cursor. In order to spell check the entire document, you will need to move the cursor to the beginning of the document, or select the entire document.

When exiting the Spell program before checking is completed, the highlight will be on the last misspelling found, since it is likely that you would want to edit this part of the document. Note that only the occurrences of the words above the current selection will be corrected. Occurrences of the same misspelling could exist below the exit point, and will not be corrected. If you resume spelling, it will be from the new cursor position towards the end of the document. Spell will remember all the misspellings found and acted upon in that same Word session. These misspellings will be stored in a temporary file to be used the next time you invoke Spell. The Transfer Clear All command will delete this temporary file.

At the end of the document, Spell will stop and a “Enter Y to continue spelling from top of document, or Esc to exit” message will appear if Spell was invoked somewhere other than the top of the document. If the response is Y, Spell will resume from the top of the document, but will exit when it reaches the point where it was originally invoked.

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