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Contents of PRINTERS.DOC File PSS ID Number: Q35484 Article last modified on 10-21-1988 PSS database name: D_MPlan




Page A156 of the “Microsoft Multiplan Addendum” states that the setup disk for Multiplan contains a file called PRINTERS.DOC. The contents of PRINTERS.DOC are listed below.

More Information:

The Microsoft Multiplan Version 4.00 supported printers list is as follows:

Driver name Printer name

d620.prd, Diablo 620, d630.prd, Diablo 630, d630a.prd, Diablo 630 API, d630ecs.prd, Diablo 630 ECS, dmp130.prd, Tandy DMP 130 (in IBM emulation mode), dmp200.prd, Tandy DMP 200, dmp2100.prd, Tandy DMP 2100, dmp2100p.prd, Tandy DMP 2100P, dmp2110.prd, Tandy DMP 2110, dmp2120.prd, Tandy DMP 2120, dmp2200.prd, Tandy DMP 2200, dmp400.prd, Tandy DMP 400, dmp430.prd, Tandy DMP 430/440, dwp220.prd, Tandy DWP 220, dwp510.prd, Tandy DWP 510, dwp510sf.prd, Tandy DWP 510 SF, epsonex.prd, Epson EX 800/1000, epsonfx.prd, Epson FX (any except FX-86e), epsonfxe.prd, Epson FX-86e, epsonjx.prd, Epson JX, epsonlq.prd, Epson LQ 1500, epsonlx.prd, Epson LX, epsonmx.prd, Epson MX, epsonrx.prd, Epson RX, epsonsq.prd, Epson SQ 2000, hp2934a.prd, Hewlett-Packard 2934A office printer, hpdesk.prd, Hewlett-Packard DeskJet 2276A office printer, hplaser1.prd, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Family (cartridges A,B,C,D,E,G,H,J,L,W,X), hplaser2.prd, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Family (cartridges F,K,P,R,U), hplaser3.prd, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Family (cartridges J,R,Z), hplaslan.prd, Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Family (Landscape) (cartridges A,B,C,G,H,L,M,N,P,Q,U,V,Internal), hppaint.prd, Hewlett-Packard PaintJet, hpquiet.prd, Hewlett-Packard QuietJet, hpthink.prd, Hewlett-Packard ThinkJet, ibmcljet.prd, IBM Color Jetprinter, ibmgraph.prd, IBM Personal Graphics Printer, ibmlaser.prd, IBM Personal Pageprinter (Portrait), ibmlasrl.prd, IBM Personal Pageprinter (Landscape), ibmpro.prd, IBM Proprinter, ibmproxl.prd, IBM Proprinter XL, ibmquiet.prd, IBM Quietwriter I/II, ibmqwtr3.prd, IBM Quietwriter III, ibmwheel.prd, IBM Wheel printer, lq2500.prd, Epson LQ-2500, necp2.prd, NEC Pinwriter P2/P3, necp5.prd, NEC Pinwriter P5, necp5xl.prd, NEC Pinwriter P5 XL, necp6.prd, NEC Pinwriter P6/P7, oki192.prd, Okidata 192/193 (IBM compatible mode), oki292.prd, Okidata 292/293 (IBM compatible mode), oki92.prd, Okidata Microline 92/93, okilaser.prd, Okidata Laserline 6/8 (Portrait), okilslan.prd, Okidata Laserline 6/8 (Landscape), qmskiss.prd, QMS Kiss Laserprinter (use for internal fonts), qmslan.prd, QMS Kiss Laserprinter (Landscape), qmslegal.prd, QMS Smartwriter Legal font cartridge, qmsoffc1.prd, QMS Smartwriter Office 1 font cartridge, qmsoffc2.prd, QMS Smartwriter Office 2 font cartridge, qmspor.prd, QMS Kiss Laserprinter (Portrait), radix.prd, Star Micronics Radix, ti850.prd, Texas Instruments 850, ti855q.prd, Texas Instruments 855, ti857q.prd, Texas Instruments 857, tosh1340.prd, Toshiba 1340, tosh1351.prd, Toshiba 1350/1351, toshp351.prd, Toshiba P341/P351,

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