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Insufficient Memory Message in Multiplan Version 4.00 PSS ID Number: Q35411 Article last modified on 01-10-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan




When loading large spreadsheets created in Multiplan Versions 2.x or 3.x into Version 4.00, the error message “insufficient memory” may appear. When this error occurs, the spreadsheet will not load into Multiplan Version 4.00.

This problem occurs for two reasons:

  1. Because Multiplan Version 4.00 is larger than earlier versions, you have less available space for your spreadsheets.
  2. A spreadsheet from an earlier version of Multiplan becomes larger by as much as 20 percent when loaded into Version 4.00.

For these reasons, a spreadsheet that loaded into earlier versions can be too large for Version 4.00.

More Information:

You may still be able to load the file when you get the “insufficient memory” message. Try doing the following:

  1. Load the worksheet into the version of Multiplan in which it was created.
  2. Save the file in Symbolic (or SYLK) format.
  3. Set Transfer Options in Version 4.00 to Symbolic and try again to load the file.

Note: Multiplan Version 4.00 will take advantage of expanded memory that conforms to the LIM Version 4.0 specifications. The use of expanded memory allows you to load larger spreadsheets.

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