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Changing Number of Columns on the Same Page

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Word version 5.00 added the ability to combine the number of columns on a page and to balance the columns in the first division by doing the following:

First Set of Columns

  1. Press ALT+F4 to turn on show layout.
  2. Choose Format Division Layout.
  3. In the “number of columns:” field, type the number of columns you want.
  4. In the “space between columns:” field, type a measurement for space between columns.
  5. In the “division break:” field, select continuous.
  6. Press ENTER.

Second Set of Columns

  1. Press CTRL+ENTER to start a new division.
  2. Change the settings in the “number of columns:” and “space between columns:” fields.

Only the number of columns will change when you start the new division. If the new division has a different page size or different margins, the changes will take effect only on the next page.

Note: Documents formatted with continuous division breaks under Word version 4.00 will not have the same page breaks when printed under Word version 5.00.

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