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Custom Color Formats in Multiplan Version 4.00 PSS ID Number: Q34311 Article last modified on 01-12-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan




Characters in Multiplan Version 4.00 can be formatted to be different colors under different conditions. For example, you can format cells to display in one color if the value is positive, and another color if the value is negative. To format a cell (or a group of cells) to be formatted for different colors, do the following:

  1. Extend the highlight over the group of cells to be formatted by pressing F8 to turn Extend on. Then, move the cursor to the end of the range of cells that you wish to format.

  2. Choose the Format Cells menu.

  3. In the Format field, type the formatting with the following syntax:

    [color if positive]format;[color if negative]format; [color if zero]format;[color if text]format

    An example format is as follows:


    The results of this example format make the characters blue if the value is positive, red if the value is negative, cyan if the value is zero, and green if the contents of the cell is text.

  4. Press the ENTER key to carry out the command

More Information:

It is not necessary to have four parts in the “Format” field in Format Cells to format character colors. For example, giving the formatting for two colors (one color for positive numbers and one for negative numbers) will format the cells to display characters in one color if the value is positive, another color if negative, and the default color if the cell contents are text or zero. For further information on this topic, please see Pages A49 to A51 in the “Microsoft Multiplan Addendum” Version 4.00.

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