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PRB: Redirection in the QuickC Environment Not Possible PSS ID Number: Q34250 Article last modified on 02-13-1992 PSS database name: S_QuickC

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SYMPTOMS Redirection of program input/output using the MS-DOS redirection symbols >, >>, <, and << does not work when these are used as command-line arguments within the QuickC environment.

CAUSE It is impossible to redirect input and output to/from the QuickC environment because the >, >>, <, and << redirection symbols are interpreted by COMMAND.COM instead of QC, QCL, or CL.

RESOLUTION If redirection is needed, the program must be run from MS-DOS and not via the Run command (F5 or Run-Go menu) in the QuickC environment. There are several options you can use to run a program that requires redirection:

  1. Exit QuickC and run the program.

  2. Use the MS-DOS shell feature from the QuickC File menu.

  3. Use the Run DOS Command feature from the QuickC Utility menu.
     This menu will also allow you to build a custom command for
     this menu. A custom command is useful when testing because
     you can run the program without exiting QuickC.

Additional reference words: 1.00 2.00 2.50

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