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Word Err Msg: “File Is in Use” or “Enter Y to Create a File”

PSS ID Number: Q34151 Article last modified on 01-24-1995

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The error message “File is in use” can occur for the following two reasons:

  1. This error may occur if the file is being used by another user on a network, or by another program such as Windows or Sidekick. It is also possible that the file was used and not closed properly upon exiting.
  2. The error also may appear when the formatting information of the file has been truncated. In this case, Word checks the header of the file to see if its format is valid. Because Word knows the file exists, it assumes the file is being used. As a result, Word displays the message “File is in use.”

In Word version 3.00, the error message is “File is not available.” In Word version 2.00, the error message is “Enter Y to create file.”

If a Word document file becomes corrupted, you can try to recover it by using EDLIN to delete the first and last line of the file, or you can try loading the backup file for the document.

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