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Glossary Is Locked File, Can’t Be Saved in Network Word 4.00n

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If the glossary is saved when quitting Network Word Version 4.00 by entering “Y” at the prompt that asks about saving changes to the glossary, the program may return the following message:

Locked file must be saved to a different name

The glossary is now a locked file for the remainder of the session. If you press the ESC key, execute a Transfer Glossary Save command, and enter “NORMAL” as the glossary filename, you receive the same locked-file message. At this point, the glossary must be saved to a different filename.

To recover these glossary entries and restore them back into NORMAL.GLY, please read “More Information” below.

Normally, this problem can be avoided by executing the Transfer Glossary Save command prior to quitting. At no time should you quit Word and type “Y” to save the glossary.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Version 4.00n. This problem has been corrected in Word Version 5.00.


The following steps restore the entries to the working glossary file, NORMAL.GLY:

  1. Once the glossary file has become locked, the changes to the current glossary must be saved to a new file. Using the Transfer Glossary Save command, type a new glossary filename.
  2. Quit Word.
  3. Start Word again.
  4. Use the Transfer Glossary Merge command and type the new glossary name.
  5. Use the Transfer Glossary Save command and type NORMAL.GLY.

You can now save any changes made to the glossary in NORMAL.GLY using the Transfer Glossary Save command. NORMAL.GLY is no longer a locked file. It will become locked, however, if you quit Word and type “Y” at the prompt to save the glossary.

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