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Microsoft KB Archive/34121

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Entering Criteria in Database with “AND” PSS ID Number: Q34121 Article last modified on 01-09-1989 PSS database name: D_MPlan



Summary: When using the database functions of Multiplan Version 4.00, the logical “AND” operations in a criteria on one field can be achieved by making two columns with the same field name and entering one member of the criteria in each column on the same row. The logical “AND” operations on two different fields can be achieved by entering the criteria for each field into the correct column on the same row.

More Information: For example, a database of names and ages is created in the following manner:

Name Age

Samson 21 Jones 14 Johnson 54 Smith 34 Jackson 25

To extract records that contain a range of ages that are greater than 20 and less than 40, enter the following criteria:

Age Age

20 <40

The result would extract records that contain the names Samson, Smith and Jackson. To extract records that have names that start with the letter s and have an age less than 30, enter the following criteria:

Name Age

&s       <30

The result would extract the record that contains the name Samson.

Copyright Microsoft Corporation 1989.