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  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 5.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Professional Edition
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft ActiveX Template Library 3.0
  • Microsoft ActiveX Template Library 2.0

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The ATLComp.exe add-in sample enables you to insert many ATL-based COM classes from the ATL Object wizard. This sample in particular inserts the "Simple Object" from the ATL Object Wizard. Moreover, the ATLComp.exe add-in is based on the Developer Studio Object Model and Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC). This sample is unsupported.


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The self extracting ATLComp.exe file contains the following files:

File name Size
Commands.cpp 2KB
Commands.h 2KB
DSAddIn.cpp 4KB
DSAddIn.h 2KB
InsertManyATLComp.cpp 5KB
InsertManyATLComp.h 1KB
InsertManyATLComp.dsw 1KB
InsertManyATLComp.dsp 6KB
InsertManyATLComp.def 1KB
InsertManyATLComp.odl 2KB
InsertManyATLComp.rc 7KB
InsertManyATLComp.clw 2KB
InsertManyATLComp.i_c 2KB
InsertManyATLComp.rc2 1KB
TBarLrge.bmp 2KB
TBarMedm.bmp 1KB
ATLObjWizDlg.cpp 2KB
ATLObjWizDlg.h 2KB
InsertManyATLCompTypes.h 6KB
Resource.h 2KB
StdAfx.cpp 1KB
StdAfx.h 3KB
InsertATLClass.cpp 5KB
InsertATLClass.h 2KB
ClassEditorDlg.cpp 2KB
ClassEditorDlg.h 2KB

Steps to Install the Add-In

  1. Run ATLComp.exe to extract the Visual C++ project.
  2. Build the project in Visual C++ in Release or Debug configuration.
  3. In Visual C++, click Customize from the Tools menu.
  4. In the Customize dialog box, click Add-Ins and Macro Files.
  5. Click Browse and locate the InsertManyATLComp.dll file that was built in step 2.
  6. Click OK to save the settings. A toolbar with the InsertManyATLComp command appears.

Using the ATLComp.exe Add-In

Click InsertManyATLComp to launch the "Insert Many ATL Object Wizard Components" dialog. In this dialog you can either choose to create a series of ATL classes or specify a custom list of classes to create. You can select one of them by choosing the appropriate radio button.

If you choose the first radio button then you should specify the short name for the "Simple Object", the start and end values. For example if you enter "MyObject" as the short name, 1 and 10 for the start and end values respectively, then clicking OK adds classes CMyObject1 through CMyObject10 to your project.

When the add-in is performing the task of adding classes you should avoid using the keyboard and avoid switching to another program. Also, do not add duplicate ATL classes.

If you find that the add-in fails to add a class or you get a build error then open the InsertATLClass.cpp file; go to line 173; change the delay amount passed to the Sleep function; rebuild the project and try adding the classes again. Sometimes problems arise due to synchronization. The default value passed to Sleep is 2000 milliseconds.


See the following topics in the MSDN Library for Visual C++ 6.0 for documentation on Visual C++ Automation:

MSDN Library; Visual Studio Documentation; Visual C++ Documentation; Using Visual C++; Visual C++ User's Guide; Automating Tasks in Visual C++

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