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Article Last Modified on 8/29/2001


  • Microsoft Windows Media Player for Palm-size PC 1.1

This article was previously published under Q256031


This article describes known issues with the Windows Media Player for Palm-size PCs.


Known Issues with Windows Media Player for Palm-size PC

Removing Compact Flash Memory Cards

If you store an audio file on the local compact flash (CF) memory card, and the CF card is removed while playback is paused, then the player may become inactive.

If this issue occurs, click Skip Forward to locate the next available track of the current playlist.

Transferring Packaged Content

Windows Media Manager for Palm-size PC and Windows Media Player for Palm-size PC each support packaged content, which includes content files that are protected with SDMI (Secure Digital Music Initiative) and DRM (Digital Rights Management) compatible protection formats. The specific user's rights to view and transfer packaged content are controlled using a license for each piece of packaged content. In the course of playing back from or transferring packaged content to your palm-size PC, you may receive error messages because you do not have proper license permission.

The most common types of errors are:

  1. The license does not grant permissions to copy or transfer the file.
  2. The license is expired or missing.

In either case, you resolve the issue by obtaining the appropriate license from the content provider.

The error message indicates the source of the problem and the recommended resolution.

Cannot Install Windows Media Player When Palm-size PC Is Not Connected to a Desktop Computer

If you try to install the player off-line, the installation does not complete even if you reconnect the Palm-size PC to the desktop computer at a later time.

To resolve this issue, after you download the correct player for your device, stay connected to the desktop computer and set up Windows Media Player.

You See Dialog Boxes on the Palm-size PC During Installation

You cannot install system components silently. Windows Media Player install the Atadisk.dll file, which is a system component. The Atadisk.dll file is required for DRM support.

To resolve this issue, click Yes for any dialog box that is displayed.

Need to Remove CF Card When Uninstalling

When you uninstall Windows Media Player, you receive a Close all programs and run remove programs again notification. Atadisk.dll is always in use by the computer when a CF card is in the device.

To resolve this issue, remove the CF card before you uninstall Windows Media Player.

Cannot Uninstall Windows Media Player from CF Card

You cannot begin an uninstall if Atadisk.dll is active, and Atadisk.dll is active anytime a CF card is in the device.

To resolve this issue, reinstall Windows Media Player to the default location, and then uninstall it. After you successfully uninstall Windows Media Player, delete all the files in the "Program Files\Windows Media Player" folder on the CF card.

The Calendar, Notes, Contacts, and Tasks Buttons Do Not Work

When a program that starts using a hard-icon button is running in the background of a Compaq or HP Palm-size PC, you cannot use the hard-icon button to open the program correctly.

To resolve this issue, configure the hard-icon buttons in the Buttons tool. Tap Start, tap Settings, and then tap Buttons.

Windows Media Player Uses the .skn File Extension for Skins

Mobile Audio Player skins are not compatible with Windows Media Player Skins, but they use the same .skn extension for files.

Do not use Mobile Audio Player skins with Windows Media Player. Note that the Skin Switch tool does not enumerate Mobile Audio Player files, so you can only cause this issue if you manually rename and replace filters on the Palm-size PC.

Start Menu Banner

Windows Media Player is abbreviated in the Start menu if you turn on the Windows CE banner.

To resolve this issue, tap Start, tap Settings, tap Taskbar, and then tap to clear the Show Banner on Start Menu check box.

ActiveSync Setup Does Not Complete

ActiveSync Setup may not work if you install Creative Labs CTLauncher.exe on a computer running Windows 2000.

To resolve this issue, use Task Manager to quit CTLauncher.exe, and then run Setup again.

Windows Media Manager Cannot Convert MP3 Files

If you are running a Portuguese or Spanish version of Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 6 and you do not have a sound card installed on your computer, then you cannot convert MP3 files to WMA files using the Windows Media Manager.

To resolve this issue, install a sound card, or click to clear the Optimize MP3 check box in the Preferences dialog box.



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