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XCLN: Readme.txt File for Outlook for Macintosh Exchange Server Edition Version 8.2.1

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  • Microsoft Outlook 8.2 Exchange Server Edition for Macintosh

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This article contains a copy of the information in the Readme.txt file that accompanies Microsoft Outlook for Macintosh, Exchange Server Edition, version 8.2.1 on the Microsoft anonymous FTP site on the Internet.


Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1 for Macintosh - Release Information
August 1999

© 1999 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft and
Outlook are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the
United States of America and other countries.  Apple, Macintosh,
and Power Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.
StuffIt Expander is a trademark of Aladdin Systems, Inc.

Your rights to use this software are governed by the terms,
conditions, and restrictions of either the Server License for
Microsoft Server Products or the Client Access License for Microsoft
Server Products, as appropriate.

Downloading and Installing Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1 for Macintosh
If you have version 8.1 or earlier of Outlook on your computer, if
you have a 68K-based Macintosh, or if you have no version of Outlook

1. Download the file "Mac-Outlook-8.2.1.hqx" or the file
   (If you don't know which file to choose, download the file

2. Use a utility to decode and unstuff the downloaded file as
   necessary.  You might need to download Aladdin StuffIt Expander
   version 5.0 or later to decompress this file.  This free download
   can be found at

3. Open the folder "Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1" that was created on the

4. Double-click "Microsoft Outlook Setup" to begin the installation.

If you have version 8.2 installed and you have a PowerPC-based
Macintosh, you can just download the 8.2 to 8.2.1 updater:

1. Download the file "Outlook-8.2.1-Updater-PPC.bin".

2. Use a utility to decode and unstuff the downloaded file as
   necessary.  You might need to download Aladdin StuffIt Expander
   version 5.0 or later to decompress this file.  This free download
   can be found at

3. Double-click "Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1 Update" to begin the update.
   This program will search for an installed version of Outlook 8.2
   on your computer to update.  The only file that will be changed is
   the file "Microsoft Outlook" or "Microsoft Outlook(E-mail only)",
   depending on the version of Outlook 8.2 you installed.

4. After the updater is finished, the version of Outlook on your
   computer will be 8.2.1.  No reboot is necessary.

System Requirements
Minimum: Apple Macintosh with a 68030 or faster processor, System
7.5.5 or later and at least 16 megabytes (MB) of RAM.

Recommended: Apple Power Macintosh with Mac OS 8.0 or later and at
least 16 MB of RAM. In addition, Outlook will run faster if virtual
memory is enabled and set to a minimum of 1 MB above the installed
physical memory.

Issues Fixed in Version 8.2.1
The following issues were fixed in version 8.2.1:

*  Messages with a blank subject could not be dragged from Outlook to
   the desktop.  Instead, the following error message appeared: "The
   drag and drop operation could not be completed. An error occurred
   while writing to the disk. The disk might be full or

*  On a computer without security enabled, messages occasionally
   would not send the first time.  Instead, the “Send” toolbar button
   remained in the depressed state.

*  When copying or cutting text that contained an URL and then
   closing the message, a message always appeared asking you if you
   would like to keep the large amount of text on the clipboard.

*  Holding down the CTRL key while double-clicking a hyperlink in a
   mail message multiple times caused Outlook to freeze.

*  Sometimes Outlook launched the web browser to display the target
   of a hyperlink in a message, even if that hyperlink was not
   directly clicked on.

*  Japanese characters received over the Internet were sometimes
   displayed incorrectly using the Japanese version of Outlook.

*  Messages with multiple attachments forwarded from an Outlook Web
   Access client to Outlook 8.2 displayed only the first attachment.

*  Web Forms were not being rendered in Outlook Web Access, even
   if the Web Services information was correctly entered.

*  Outlook was unable to use Web Services with an SSL-secured
   (https://) web server.

*  On a 68K-based Macintosh, dragging attachments from a message
   into an Exchange folder sometimes caused a Type 2 error.

For More Information
For more information about Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1 for Macintosh,
including information about new features, read the Release Notes from
your Microsoft Outlook 8.2.1 installation folder.

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