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Microsoft KB Archive/254719

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Visio5: When Performing a PING Discovery, Visio Enterprise May PING an Unusually Large Number of IP Addresses and Take Longer Than Expected to Complete the Discovery

PSS ID Number: 254719

Article Last Modified on 11/9/2000

The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Visio Enterprise 5.0x

This article was previously published under Q254719


When you use the AutoDiscovery and Layout solution to perform a PING discovery, sometimes the discovery process pings an unusually large number of IP addresses and takes longer than expected.


When you use AutoDiscovery and Layout, Visio Enterprise 5.0 attempts to determine a usable network and subnet mask by checking the network class of the default gateway. While the wizard displays the correct network and subnet mask values on the Enter IP Networks page, the range may be too broad. You may need to enter values that establish a more narrow range to successfully limit the scope of your PING.


Do one of the following:

  • Upgrade to Visio 2000 Enterprise Edition. With this edition, you can use the Discovery Wizard to easily specify an IP range for network discovery.

To limit the range of your PING discovery, select to include specific devices to discover. This is practical only when you want to discover a small number of devices.

To select to include a specific device to discover:

    1. Click Map Device Shapes on the AutoDiscovery and Layout toolbar.
    2. In the Map Device Shapes dialog box, click Map Object Types.
    3. Select the box for the object type that you want to discover.

EXAMPLE: Select Routers if you want to discover a router.

    1. Click Load Objects.
    2. Select the device that you want to discover from the Name list, and then click OK.
  • Narrow the range of IP addresses to discover. This is practical if you are trying to search for a specific range of IP addresses.

To narrow the range of IP addresses to discover:

    1. Determine the range of IP addresses that you want to discover, and then determine what specific network (subnet) and subnet mask addresses limit the scope to the desired IP address range.

TIP: To get the most accurate results when determining the appropriate Network and Mask for the range of IP addresses that you want to discover, use an IP Subnet calculator. You can download freeware versions of IP Subnet calculators from the World Wide Web.

    1. When using the Advanced Discovery Wizard to discover IP addresses, at the Enter IP Networks page, be sure to delete any entries from the Network and Mask fields. Then, use the New Network Address and Subnet Mask fields to narrow the discovery range.

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