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XCON: Installing Exchange 2000 into Existing Exchange Server 5.5 Site Does Not Change the Routing Calculation Master


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  • Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server


Installing Exchange 2000 into an existing Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 site does not change the Routing Calculation Master. Exchange 2000 does not consider Exchange Server 5.5 subsites when it generates the Gateway Address Routing Table (GWART). If you set up an Exchange Server 5.5 subsite and have pre-planned redundant (scoped) connectors off of these sites, when Exchange 2000 generates the GWART, it will basically flatten the subsites. In other words, the subsite restrictions are no longer there. This affects mail routing in the existing Exchange Server 5.5 topology.


If there are not any Exchange Server 5.5 subsites and there is no chance that you will be affected by changing the Routing Calculation Server to Exchange 2000, complete the following procedure.

NOTE: Back up the Exchange Server 5.5 GWART before you begin.

Changing the Routing Calculation Server

  1. Choose an Exchange 2000 server in the site to be the new routing calculation server.
  2. In the Exchange Server Administrator program, click the Configuration container, and then double-click the Site Addressing object.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. In the Routing Calculation Server list, click the server you chose in step 1. You must make some other changes in the properties pages to activate the change. Click Apply, so that the changes are retained.
  5. Click the Routing tab, and then click Recalculate Routing.
  6. Click OK.

If for some reason you experience problems after you change the routing ID (RID) to be an Exchange 2000 server, change the Routing Calculation Server back to an Exchange Server 5.5 computer, and use the backed-up GWART.

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