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Printer Escape Sequences on Wang PC PSS ID Number: Q25400 Article last modified on 02-25-1988 PSS database name: D_MPlan

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Problem: When I send escape sequences like CTRL-O to an Epson or Epson compatible printer using Multiplan on a Wang PC, the escape sequences seem to have no effect.

Response: Wang gives users the option of installing print drivers for non-Wang printers. These drivers, named “PAR1DRVR.COM,” “SER1DRVR.COM,” etc., are loaded by the CONFIG.SYS file. These drivers intercept what Multiplan is trying to print, and disable escape sequences like CTRL-O (unless the Wang is in its IBM emulation mode). Without any printer driver loaded, Multiplan prints correctly. To prevent DOS from loading the driver, delete the line that references the driver from the CONFIG.SYS file. Wang also gives users the ability to edit their printer drivers. This feature is documented in Chapter 6 of the “Wang Professional Computer User’s Guide,” second edition. For more information, contact Wang at (617) 459-5000.

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