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How to Specify a Processor ID Number: Q25260

1.25 1.27 3.00 3.01 4.00 5.00 MS-DOS

Question: How can I make MASM take advantage of my machine’s processor?

Response: MASM allows for specification of processor type. This can be done as follows with the first entry in the program being one of the following types:

  1. .8086 for 8086 without 8087 math coprocessor
  2. .8087 for 8086 with 8087 math coprocessor
  3. .186 for 186 processor
  4. .286c for 286 without math coprocessor without protected instructions
  5. .286p for 286 without math coprocessor with protected instructions
  6. .287 for 286 with math coprocessor

It is important to note that it is still necessary to include an /E or /R option when invoking MASM to enable the use of floating point instructions.