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PRB: Highlighting the Current Line in QuickC Environment PSS ID Number: Q25158 Article last modified on 02-11-1992 PSS database name: S_QuickC

1.0 1.01 2.00 2.01 2.50 2.51



SYMPTOMS 1. If the cursor is in the middle of the line, SHIFT+DOWN ARROW highlights two lines. However, if the cursor is in column 1, SHIFT+DOWN ARROW highlights the current line and moves the cursor down one line.

  1. If the cursor is in column 1, SHIFT+UP ARROW highlights the line above the cursor instead of the current line. This seems inconsistent with SHIFT+DOWN ARROW with the cursor in column 1.

RESOLUTION Column 1 is special and is used to distinguish between a multi- and single-line select. You cannot highlight the current line without being in column 1. If you want to delete the current line, use ^Y to select, then delete. SHIFT+HOME and SHIFT+END will select from the current position to the end or beginning of the line. SHIFT+UP ARROW and SHIFT+DOWN ARROW are consistent. If you SHIFT+DOWN ARROW from column 1, you are implying a motion in which the start of the screen gets highlighted. If you SHIFT+UP ARROW, you are implying a move from the start of the current line to the start of the previous line (which includes the text from the line above).

Additional reference words: 2.00 2.01 2.50 2.51

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