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How to Customize the Account Joiner Utility for a Specific MA

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Article Last Modified on 11/1/2006


  • Microsoft Metadirectory Services 2.1

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The Account Joiner tool is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) client that you can use to help manage and control the join process. Use Account Joiner to process those connector space entries that cannot be joined by using the standard join rules of the management agent (MA).

Account Joiner is defined in part by the Accjnr.cfg file. This is a configuration file that is distributed with each MA. This file defines the configuration for Account Joiner based on that specific MA. The Accjnr.cfg file is stored with all the MA templates in the Zoomserv\Data\Dsgates\* folders on the Microsoft Metadirectory Services (MMS) server. (The asterisk [*] represents the MA type, for example, LDAP-Exchange, Notes, or Vines.) When you first create a new MA, the Accjnr.cfg file is loaded into the directory as an attribute of the MA and provides MA-specific configuration for Account Joiner.

You can customize Account Joiner to view certain MAs by using the View menu and disabling or enabling the MA. By default, all MAs are displayed. By using the Configure menu, you can then configure each MA to display specific settings based on the data contained in the MA. Account Joiner allows you to configure the column view for both disconnectors and the metadirectory.


You can use the following commands to customize a specific MA:

  • View/View Metaverse: Entries are shown in both the disconnector and the metaverse panel in a columnar detail view. You can use these options to configure which attributes are shown in each column, the column width, and the heading text for each column. The View option lets you configure the disconnector (upper) panel; the Metaverse View option applies to the metaverse (lower) panel.
  • Queries: Queries are predefined search criteria in the form of LDAP search filters. Each one you define is represented by a button on the form. When you click a connector entry, the metaverse is automatically searched for matches by using the currently active query; the results are shown in the metaverse panel. Clicking a different query button automatically performs another search and replaces the previous search results. On successful searches, the actual filter string associated with the current query is shown in the status bar at the bottom of the form, which otherwise contains error messages. The queries must be entered as LDAP search filters. For example:

    (&(sn=$sn) (telephoneNumber=$telephoneNumber))

    The $attribute parts of the filter are replaced with the corresponding attribute values from the selected disconnector before the search request is submitted. You can customize your predefined queries for each MA. You can add, edit, delete, or reorder queries.

  • MA Options: This allows for the following customizations:
    • MA Search Limit:
      The maximum number of connector space entries to be returned from a search.
    • MA Timeout Limit:
      The waiting time in seconds before a connector space search request times out. Use 0 for no limit.
    • MA Filter:
      This is another LDAP search filter (the same as the queries) that controls the disconnector entries shown in the upper panel. If there are many disconnected entries, you can use this filter to reduce them to a more manageable number, and then change the filter to process another subset.

You can customize Account Joiner for a specific MA by using the following steps:

  1. Click Start, point to Programs, and then click Zoomit Directory Service V2.
  2. Click the Account Joiner utility.
  3. On the Configure menu, click the MA you want to modify.
  4. Click the menu that corresponds to the specific configuration change you want to make.

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