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  • Microsoft Works Suite 2000

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If you are denied access to some of the files and folders on the Microsoft Works Suite 2000 Disc 2 CD-ROM, you should use the methods described in this article to determine if the problem is due to the physical read limitations of your CD-ROM drive.

To test your CD-ROM drive, you need to first test the integrity of certain files after you copy them from the Works Suite 2000 Disc 2 CD-ROM to the hard disk. You can compare the original and the copied files by running the MS-DOS File Compare utility (Fc.exe).

The Fc.exe file is a useful utility for testing problems related to general protection (GP) faults or other critical errors, such as read errors or out of memory messages, that can occur when you use the CD-ROM drive on a Microsoft Windows-based computer. You can use the Fc.exe file to determine if the CD-ROM subsystem is functioning properly at the device driver or hardware level(s).


Use the following methods in the order in which they are presented.

Test for Drive Capacity Limitations

To test for specific drive-capacity limitations, attempt to gain access to the following files.

Files Location on disc
Msmoney\Money\Avhelp\401k.avi 1.8 MB
Msworks\Wks2000.msi 637.7 MB
Msworks\System32\Usp10.dll 637.5 MB
Msworks\System32\Riched20.dll 637.1 MB

The Works Suite 2000 Disc 2 CD-ROM contains 641 MB of data.

Test the Integrity of Copied Files

To test the integrity of copied files, copy each of the following files to the hard disk.

Files Location on disc
Msworks\Wks2000.msi 637.7 MB
Msworks\System32\Usp10.dll 637.5 MB
Msworks\System32\Riched20.dll 637.1 MB

For more information about how to perform this task in Windows, consult your Windows printed documentation or online Help.

If you receive the following error message

CDR101: Not Ready

the CD-ROM drive cannot read the CD-ROM at the specified location.

Test the CD-ROM Drive

If the file is copied successfully, use the Fc.exe file with the "/b" (binary) switch to test the file's integrity.

For example, to compare the Wks2000.msi file on the CD-ROM to the Wks2000.msi file that you copied to the hard disk, type the following line at the MS-DOS command prompt, and then press ENTER

fc /b cd-rom:\msworks\wks2000.msi drive:\wks2000.msi

where cd-rom is the drive letter of the CD-ROM drive and drive is the drive letter of the hard disk.

If you receive any error messages, the CD-ROM drive is unable to read the CD-ROM at that location.

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