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Article Last Modified on 10/23/2003


  • Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.0
  • Microsoft Windows Media Services 4.1

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When starting a program in the Windows Media Administrator, the stream may give you the error:

Error: The station does not support the stream format. (0xc00d0041)


When configuring a multicast station, you have to specify the format of the source of your stream. If you received this error message, you did not specify a valid format.


To add the stream format for an .asf file to the list, a universal naming convention (UNC) or a local file system path to the .asf file to be streamed must be provided.

If Windows Media Encoder is the stream source and the encoder was not set up using a template stream format (TSF), then a UNC or local file system path to the .asd file, which describes the configuration for the encoder, must be provided. To do this:

  1. In the Windows Media Administrator, click Multicast stations. Make sure the program is stopped.
  2. Double-click the station whose stream is receiving the error.
  3. At the bottom, click Add in the Stream Formats section.
  4. Point to either your .asf file, if you are broadcasting an ASF, or to the .asd file that contains your Windows Media Encoder settings.
  5. Once added, click ok.
  6. The administrator will ask to confirm saving your changes to the .nsc file. Click yes and replace the existing .nsc file for this station.


Microsoft Windows Media Player uses stream formats to decode a multicast ASF stream. A stream format includes information about the stream, the media that the stream contains, and its codec (correct decoding algorithm). A stream format is required for every type of stream that plays through a station. If two or more stream objects are defined for a station and are using different codecs, bit rates, or frame sizes for the streams, then stream format information must be specified for both types of streams. Stream formats are stored in the station .nsc file and can be downloaded to Windows Media Player.

A list of the template stream formats, .asf files, .asd files, and .nsc files that the station understands is available on the Station Properties page. Stream formats are added to the list on the Specify stream format information screen in the Configure and Publish Multicast Broadcast Streams QuickStart wizard. If stream format information for a multicast is missing or incorrect, Windows Media Player cannot start the stream.

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