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Article Last Modified on 1/27/2007


  • Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Windows 95

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This article describes the typical Control subkeys that are located in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry key in Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows 98 Second Edition.


The Control subkey contains all the settings necessary for your current Windows configuration. The type of information contained in this key includes file system settings, password and service provider information, and installed system files. The Control subkey is located in the following registry key:


Control Subkeys Located in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Registry Key


This key contains the List and Prob subkeys, which store settings used internally by Windows. This key is not included in Windows 95.


This key identifies a computer in a workgroup. You should set the computer name using the Network tool in Control Panel.


This key contains several keys that describe device classes. This key is not included in Windows 95.


This key contains the type and settings of the file system.


This key contains the Base value, which stores a binary byte stream defining the group order. This key is not included in Windows 95.


This key contains identification for the current configuration.


This key contains a list of the system files (.vxd, .dll, and so on) already installed in Windows.

Keyboard Layouts

This key contains a list of the .dll files for the keyboard language, which you should set using the Keyboard tool in Control Panel.


This key contains subkeys with the properties for joysticks and Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) schemes.

Media Resources

This key contains descriptions and driver information for multimedia components.


This key contains the name and order of the network providers.


This key contains information on national language support, including language and local preferences. You should set this key using the Keyboard tool in Control Panel.


This key contains one entry (NextLUID) that specifies the next Logical User ID (LUID) to use. This key is not included in Windows 95.


This key contains System Monitor information that is used to show performance values of memory usage, system components such as the kernel, and so on. The information contained in this key is static.


This key contains information about the current printers and printing environment. This information is divided into several subkeys:

  • Environments: Can contain subkeys defining drivers and print processors for operating system environments.
  • Monitors: Can contain subkeys with data for specific network printing monitors.
  • Printers: Can contain subkeys describing printer parameters for each installed printer.
  • Providers: Can contain subkeys describing .dll files for network print services.


Services that require an access password use this key to store the options for the password provider.


This key specifies the .dll files for the security provider.


This key contains entries that specify the order of several service groups. This key is not included in Windows 95.


This key contains information about the service providers used in Windows.

Session Manager

This key contains the Power subkey, which contains two values that define the AC and DC power policies. The space in the name of this key differentiates it from the SessionManager key.


This key contains global variables that are maintained by the operating system, subkeys that list programs that do not run well in Windows 98, .dll files whose version numbers should be checked, and folder and file names for all the Session Manager .dll files.


This key contains data relevant to the shutdown process.


This key contains values for time zone settings, which you should set using the Date/Time tool in Control Panel.


This key specifies how Windows is updated (for example, an automatic update or a network update).


This key contains file names of VxD files combined into the Vmm32.vxd virtual device driver.


This key contains entries for the Web Publishing Wizard.

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