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Hexadecimal Numbers Must Begin With a Digit Between 0 and 9

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Article Last Modified on 10/20/2003


  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.0
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 5.1 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0a
  • Microsoft Macro Assembler 6.0b

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With the Microsoft Macro Assembler, a hexadecimal number must begin with a digit between zero and nine. This is so that the assembler can distinguish between something that should be a number and something that should be a label.


Assembling the following code will result in the following errors, since the assembler will assume that ABh is a label

MASM 5.0, 5.1: error A2009: Symbol not defined: ABh
MASM 6.0: error A2006: undefined symbol: ABh

Sample Code

;Assemble options needed: none

   .model small

      mov ax, ABh


Additional query words: kbinf 5.00 5.10 6.00 6.00a 6.00b

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