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HOWTO: Create a Windows NT-Bootable IDE Partition


The information in this article applies to:

  • Microsoft Windows NT Embedded 4.0


You can install a Windows NT 4.0 Embedded build to either file allocation table (FAT) or NTFS file system partitioned media. This article describes how to make IDE (integrated device electronics) hard drive partitions bootable to Windows NT 4.0 Embedded.


To make either a FAT or an NTFS partition bootable, you must copy a Windows NT boot sector to the partition boot sector. You can use the contents of the MungeBoot folder on the Windows NT 4.0 Embedded CD-ROM 1 to accomplish this:

  1. Switch to CD1:\MungeBoot.
  2. Run the following command:
  3. Insert a blank diskette in the A: (or floppy disk drive) drive, and then click the appropriate drive button in the dialog box that appears. If the disk is not blank, select format before making disk.
  4. Label this disk NT Munge Boot.
  5. Boot your target computer with the NT Munge Boot disk.
  6. At the A:\ (or floppy disk drive) prompt, type the following command:


For more information on partition boot sectors, see the Windows NT Workstation Resource Kit.

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